"I am a Child of Auir.

It has been twenty long years since the Exile's Rift incident. Where we once worked to protect
our crowded mother planet from within, we now work to protect ourselves and to prepare for our
return. I promised it, and I have not wavered from that promise. Since then, we took a lifeless
world and brought it the bounty of our former home, transforming it into a new Eden. New Babylon
stands still, with more city-states being built across the world as I write this.

But what does it say about ourselves? Even with the activation of the Orrery deep beneath Auir's
crust, many of what we sought to leave behind on Earth still lurks within our hearts and minds.
New tempers flare, and many old crimes still occur--no matter the methods now used today. Even
the machineries that once created the shells of our sapient intelligences lie dim and cold,
afraid to send out more of their children into today.

Utopia has truly been proven to be a pipe dream, even in this day and age. The wyvern stands
crouched, ready to overpower the complacent dragon, intent on proving its superiority. Where do I
stand, having both orchastrated society's triumps, and weathered its downfalls?

Herein lies the tale of the beginnings, its inception, its birth from the shadows to light."

--Introduction, Poseidon Chronicles: The Hierophant

Biolante Productions, Limited presents

First projected release date: Jan 2008